Please read below several common questions we have asked about our structures. If you do not see your question here please fell free to contact us through email or call Jody direct @ 918-283-5296



Structure Questions


Q: Pergola Terminology


A: Pictured below shows the proper terminology of our structures and can be used when discussing your structure.



Q: What is the standard height of our structures?

A: Our structures are 8ft from the bottom of the base plate to the top of post (see structure terminology for reference). This can be            adjusted to fit your structures needs.


Q. Can I customize my structure?
A. Yes, all dimensions and options can be customized.



Q: What is a footing and is it required?

A: A footing is a concrete material placed in the ground to support the structures load. All our structures require a footing that is               designed to your structures size, location, wind and snow load. We offer footing details for all our structures.

Q. Do I need a permit?

A. Some cities are now requiring permits for pergola structures.  Since our patented structures are structurally engineered for snow and        wind loads, we can facilitate getting the paperwork needed for a smoother permitting process. Additional fees apply.


Q. Can you provide engineered drawings?

A. Yes, additional fees apply.



Q. Can I create a custom powder coat color?

A. Yes, additional processing time and fees may apply.



Q. Do you accommodate for hurricane wind loads?


A. Yes, our structures are engineered to meet your local building codes wind loads. Give us a call to discuss further.



Q. Do you accommodate for areas with higher than usual snow loads?


A. Yes, we can accommodate for mountainous areas with higher snow loads. Give us a call to discuss further.



Q. Can I use my own roofing material or shade bars?

A. You should be able to but give us a call to discuss the requested material.



Q. Can you add power outlets to my structure?

A. Yes, we can provide provisions for outlet/s to be installed in your structure. Give us a call to discuss further.



Q. What kind of wood is used for the shade bars?

A. Our standard shade bar is a nonstained western red cedar due to its natural preservatives providing resistant to decay and insect damage are just some of advantages of this wood specie. If you prefer a different wood type give us a call to discuss.



Q. What is R-Panel roofing?


A. R-Panel is a type of corrugated metal roofing panel that that have raised ribs with a flat area between the ribs. These panels are connected using exposed fasteners.



Q. What is Standing Seam roofing?


A. Standing seam metal roofing is a concealed fastener roofing system. This systems features interlocking seams that connect panels

giving the roof a distinct and attractive appearance.



Q. What is a shingle roof?


A. A shingle roof system consists of asphalt shingles and other asphalt roofing components.



Q. What is tongue and groove roof decking?

A. Wood that consists of boards that fit side to side layed out to not see any seams.



General Questions


Q. Can I visit your location?

A. Yes, give us a call to set an appointment to come by our facility we are located @ 5833 S. Garnett Tulsa, OK 74146.



Q. Where is your products made?


A. We are the sole manufacturer of our patented steel shade structures.  We are centrally located in the United States, in the Tulsa, OK      metro area.



Q. What kind of warranty comes with the structure?


A. All structure comes with a 5 year limited warranty on workmanship, material and 3 years for the powder coating. 



Q. What is the standard lead time?


A. Standard lead time is 12-14 weeks once initial deposit is received.



Q. Other than homeowners, do you work with commercial contractors and architects?

A. Yes! We have worked with several commercial & residential contractors as well as commercial & residential architects?



Q. I need to get HOA approval to build my structure. Do you provide the needed info for the association?

A. Yes, we can provide the needed information requested by your HOA. Contact us to discuss further the requested info.



Q. Do you sell your plans for DIY?

A. Due to our patent design, all our structures are manufactured from our sole facility in Tulsa, OK area.



Shipping & Payments


Q. How to order?


A. You can buy directly from us:
    Phone:     Jody@ (918) 283-5296
    Email:      [email protected]

    Click here to fill out an estimate.






Q. How is the structure shipped and delivered?

A. Our structures are shipped direct from our facility. If you would like to pick up your structure or provide your own delivery that can          also be arranged



Q: Where do you ship to?


A: We ship anywhere in the United States including Hawaii!!!



Q. What form of payment do you except?

A. We accept check, money order, cash, visa or master card (3% fee is incurred for every credit card transaction)




Q. How long will my structure last?

A.  Generations