So you think you might like one of our Custom Built one of a kind works of Art?


1. Please fill out our free estimate form by clicking here (or go to our Need an Estimate page). I will     either call you with questions or send you an estimate usually within a 24 hour work day. You can       also contact us via email [email protected] but in order to have all the info needed it       is best to fill out the Estimate Form or have the info ready.


Feel free to call me @ 918-283-5296 If you have any questions 



2. If you like the estimate and want to move forward, we will get you a preliminary drawing of the         structure, a contract and a NDA and that will get us rolling. We can also give you a preliminary         footing detail if needed to get quotes to pour your footings.



3.  If permitting is needed you may need extra documents.



4. After permitting is approved or not needed at all,  we will build your structure. Typical lead time is     12 - 14      weeks from the day you want to move forward although you may need to a few weeks for permitting (usually the city does not get in a hurry and neither do engineers)



5. Once your structure goes into powder coating, we will contact you to schedule a delivery date.



6. All structure are shipped direct from our Manufacturing facility in Tulsa, OK.