Great for Contractors and DIY Home Owners:



All units are built for quick, bolt-together assembly, with minimal equipment.  Once footings are


installed, our standard bolt-together pergola units can be assembled by a two-man crew in 2 days. 


Our Bolt-Together Powder coated Steel Frame Structure, Comes with All nuts & bolts,


fasteners including anchor bolts.


Basic information

This will be delivered as a complete bolt together kit ready to be installed with ever nut bolt washer and screw you will need, a typical 12x16’ structure can be installed by 2 people in 2 days. Many DIY home owners have installed these with great success. We do not install.

The steel will be powder coated and there will be no welding on site, the wood that is provided will unstained and will need to be stained with a stain sealer such as a deck product with a drying agent, we use ‘wood defender 2000’ and the color is Leather Wood, we are able to stain the wood if you like.

If you are doing a solid roof with the custom milled tongue decking you will need to put some type of roofing over it such as shingles, TPO, PVC, R Panel, standing seam or whatever you would like to use, the roofing is NOT provided. The solid roof will need some pitch on it so water will run off.

You will need independent footing to set the post on top of, on Cantilever structures I will supply anchor bolts that will need to be imbedded in the concrete and engineered footing detail along with post placement drawings, on 4 post structures I will supply 5/8 wedge anchors that will need to be drilled into the footing after the structure has been set in place. You will also get a full plan and elevation drawing for your approval before. Many of our clients have installed 4 post structures on existing concrete pads with succusses however this is not recommended 

You will also get a full plan and elevation drawing for your approval before the structure is started. If you are permitting, I will be able to provide you with the drawings and calculations of the structure that the city will need, you will have to provide the site plan. Time frame on stamped drawings is 4 weeks+ from the time we get payment

Delivery from the time we get payment on non-permitting structures is 12-14 weeks, CA and AZ structures shipping is based on multiple structures being delivered on the same truck so these could have a 3 week delay unless you would like to pay an extra for shipping.

We require 50% down to get started, then I would order a full set of Plan and Elevation drawings, after you have approved the P&E drawings I would either order FAB drawing or engineered drawings if you are permitting, if you are not permitting then you would go in line to build.